SYNphreak (synphreak) wrote in pcbuilding,

Well this is still pretty dead, mostly because I don't have much time to advertise or anything. I did finally get around to preparing for some PC building of my own. I just ordered the following, all from NewEgg except the case which is coming from RadioShack (and was a really good deal).

Case and PSUAntec P150RadioShack
CPUAMD Athlon64 X2 4200+ AM2NewEgg
MotherboardMSI K9N Neo-FNewEgg
MemoryCorsair XMS DDR2 800 2x512MB 4-4-4-12NewEgg
Video CardMSI nVidia Geforce 7900GT 256MBNewEgg
HarddriveWD 250GB SATA2NewEgg
DVD BurnerNEC 3550ANewEgg
CPU HeatsinkZalman CNPS9500NewEgg

I actually ordered the wrong memory and the wrong DVD burner (just faceplate color, but... you know...) so I e-mailed them. Hope it's soon enough I can get it changed.
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