Mike (frankencaster) wrote in pcbuilding,

Old School Compaq for Project

Well, I knew about this old computer sitting in my friend's grandfather little TV/Electronics repair shop. Well, today, I decided to go give the little setup a look. It's fair enough, 200 bucks for a total setup, tower, monitor, mouse, keyboard and speakers. I'm going to buy it, and do some stuff to it.

I want to do a case swap, take it out of this little tiny box it's in, and move it into a nice roomy case. It has no CD-R, so, it'll get one, I have one lying around from this old eMachines pc, given to me. I'll pop in a new hardrive, a 40 gig I suppose. Maybe a video and sound card. Not sure what else to do with it when I get it. Any suggestions? (Glad I've gotten out of my woes so quickly! ^_^)
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