Mike (frankencaster) wrote in pcbuilding,

My 'rig'

Well...I got the bright idea to build a pc about back in July. Here's how this one goes. I don't have the best memory in the world, so bear with me, I'm taking this off the top of my head...

Motherboard: ASRock, Socket 478...I'll get back with the specs...

Processor: Intel Celeron D 2.26 Ghz

Memory: 512 MB Corsair XMS Series SDRAM

Hardrives: 10 GB Western Digital pulled from an ancient Compaq, and a 80 GB SATA Western Digital storage drive.

Sound and Video: Can't even remember, cheap Office Max buys.

The rest of the hardware was ordered from Newegg

Oh, can't forget the case, 420 watt power supply, Aspire X-Infinity with glowing blue LED's

and furthermore, a Sony CD-RW drive and a FREE Lite-On DVD ROM drive, also a Sony floppy drive...

FREE Medion 17' CRT monitor, FREE old school Labtec speakers, and a Logitech keyboard, and Belkin mouse (not optical)

I think that just about covers it. If I missed any parts, just tell me.
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